MW2 Kill Streak Team Support
MW2 Kill Streak Team Support

Setting up your kill streaks in Modern Warfare to assist your group with canning benefit your group a lot, despite the fact that it may not help you so much. First kill streak to help groups would be the UAV at 3 kills, this shows any adversary without Cold Blooded as a red spot on your guide and can end up being exceptionally valuable to your group.

Next is Care Package, I shrouded this in another article yet assuming you got a consideration bundle with something not very great, ammunition or something to that effect, you could lay out up a snare in light of the fact that the other group cannot determine what's in the bundle and will be attempting to take it while you and your partners will be killing them.  308 amo   Counter UAV can help your group a great deal as well, in the event that the foe bring in a UAV and you utilize a Counter UAV it will stick their radar and they wont have the option to see you or your partners.

Next is the Emergency Air Drop. This gives you 4 Care Packages which can truly assist a group. It takes 8 kills to get and envision you got a Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Predator Missile and Pave Low the other group wouldn't have a potential for success and the game would not long from now be finished. At 15 kills you can get an EMP (electro attractive heartbeat) which incapacitates Heartbeat Sensors, Uav's, adversary kill streak compensates and slows down the foes vision. This ends up being extremely advantageous for your group. It last's close to a moment or thereabouts. So a decent kill streak prize for your group would be: UAV, Emergency Air Drop and EMP.

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